How are companies benefitted from Partnering with BRiSK?

We bring a holistic approach to the businesses where in addition to managing work cover related claims, we provide business coaching for Business Owners or their nominated Directors / Managers to help achieve exponential growth.

HOW? We are part of the world’s largest business coaching institute ActionCOACH.


We use the ActionCOACH system to coach our clients to do the work and the results are forthcoming.


There is a difference between a business coach and a traditional



A consultant is traditionally appointed to do a specific job. Most often they are required to solve a single problem or create a result in one specific area of a business only. BUT


As an ActionCOACH we assist business owners to identify where they want to take their business (their goals), and what they want the business to provide them with both financially and personally. From here we identify the various strategies that need to be implemented from

ActionCOACH’s toolbox of over 3,500 strategies and tactics and provide guidance and support to the business owners to implement these strategies and monitor the results.